Minna Yssing in memoriam

Dr. Minna Margrethe Nehammer (former Yssing) died peacefully this past Wednesday October 3rd at
the age of 88 years. Minna received her medical degree from the University of Copenhagen and
became associate professor at the University in 1972. She specialized in paediatrics and became
consultant at Rigshospitalet in 1973. She was an unusual physician with a remarkable knowledge in
almost all aspects of paediatrics. However, the major part of her career was devoted to paediatric
haematology and oncology.
Minna was one of the founding members of NOPHO and actively participated in all its meetings and
was deeply engaged in its activities until her retirement. She was a brilliant clinician and, not least when
it came to her patients, with an amazingly detailed memory, which sometimes could be annoying for the
rest of us, because Minna was always right. She was thorough and hardworking and thus always well
prepared both in her daily work and in the Nordic collaboration. Accordingly, she became a significant
ambassador in the internationalization of Nordic paediatric oncology.
But her engagement in the Nordic activities went beyond the academic tasks. Minna created personal
friendships across boarders that lasted for decades and played an important role for the success of our
society, making NOPHO a platform that we not just need, but truly enjoy.
Although Minna is not among us anymore, she will be remembered and missed by many colleagues,
patients, and friends.
Henrik Hertz, København
Sverre Lie, Oslo,
Stanislaw Garwicz, Lund
Jesper Heldrup, Lund
Kjeld Schmiegelow, København
The funeral ceremony will take place at Gentofte Kirke, Gentofte, Denmark, Friday October 12th at 11

  1. October 2018