Stanislaw Garwicz, In Memoriam

In his life, Stanislaw Garwicz has meant a lot to many. He was with his thorough knowledge and work
capacity very important for the development of child health care and especially the establishment of
treatment for children with cancer.
He was a driving force in SBLG (Svenska Barnleukemi‐gruppen) since 1969 and in VSTB
(Vårdplaneringsgruppen för Solida Tumörer hos Barn) since its establishment in 1974.
Stanislaw contributed very actively in the creation of many of the Swedish and Nordic treatment
protocols for cancerous diseases in children.
He hosted the first Nordic childhood cancer meeting at Örenäs Castle in Skåne 1980. This meeting
resulted the formation of NOPHO (The Nordic Society of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology) in
Röros, Norway, 1982. This was the start of coordinated initiatives in the Nordic countries for cancer
treatments, research and cancer care for children in the five Nordic countries.
Stanislaw was convinced that it was unconditional necessary to focus on follow‐up of cancer treated
children through cancer registries. By recording disease re/pro‐gression and effects of the therapy
given as well as late effects. Stanislaw realized early that long‐time follow‐up of cancer treated
children was important. Since retirement he did this in extensive cooperation within the Nordic
countries and the pan‐European supported initiative. Retirement did not hinder his actively and
research as he continued to the end.
Stanislaw’s great commitment and experience in health care and childhood cancer and research has
been a driving force and stimulus for colleagues and healthcare takers at large. His caring and work
for the sick children and their families has been an important help for the victims.
We, together with many people, parents and children are Stanislaw deeply grateful for many years
efforts for children with cancer.

Anders Kreuger, Uppsala, Sweden
Henrik Hertz, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ulla Hannelius (Pihkala), Helsinki, Finland
Jacek Toporski, Lund, Sweden
Kjeld Schmiegelow, Copenhagen, Denmark
Castor Anders, Lund, Sweden
Thomas Wiebe, Lund, Sweden
Albert Békássy, Lund, Sweden
Lars Hjorth, Lund, Sweden
Jesper Heldrup, Lund, Sweden