Help for abstracts authors

Step 1 – Login or register

Start by logging into to your abstracts dashboard. If you are a NOPHO-member use your login credentials. If you are non NOPHO-member please fill out this form to recieve your login credentials.

After logging in you will be directed to the abstracts dashboard.

Step 2 – My Profile

When you have logged into the dashboard start by filling out your profile under “My Profile”. This is mandatory if your abstracts should be accepted or not.

Make sure you fill out all fields in the “My Profile” section and press “Submit” when finished.

Step 3 – Submit abstract

After finishing step 2 click the “New Abstract” button. Fill out all information in the fields. You can add more authors by clicking the + sign. You can also add more presenters by by clicking the + sign. Remove presenters and authors by clicking the – sign.

When you are finished with the abstract please click the “Submit” button. You will recieve a conformation-email to the address connected to your account.

You can edit your abstract before deadline, read more in step 4.

Step 4 – Edit abstract

You can edit your abstract before deadline. Login to your abstracts dashboard (step 1) and press edit next to the abstract that you would like to edit. When you have pressed edit follow the information in step 3. If you want to delete your abstract please press delete, just under the edit button.

Help for abstracts reviewers

Step 1 – Login

Login after deadline with the cridentials recieved by the NOPHO-admin. 

Step 2 – How to add review

In the dashboard you can see all abstracts assigned to your account. To start reviewing abstracts and press “Add review”

Step 3 – Submit review

When you have entered a abstract you can see the following information:

Abstract Information
Add Comments
Suggest Type
Suggest Status
Additional Information

To be able to submit a review you must Excellent under Relevance and Excellent under Quality. This is only connected to the abstracts software and not relevant for the abstracts itself.

Then choose an option under Suggest Type. Most likeley you will choose the option that the abstract author requested.

The final step and most important step is the Suggest a Status, meaning if you accept or reject the abstract.

Before you can Submit the review you must add a comment. Perhaps information the you would like to communicate to the author of the abstract.

Finish by clicking the button “Submit”.



Step 4 – Edit or Delete and notify Admin

After you have submitted your review in step 3 you will be returned to the Dashboard. Here you can see “My reviews”, meaning the abstracts that you have already accepted or rejected.

You can at any time Edit or Delete your review and start over.

When you have reviewed all abstracts please notify the NOPHO Admin. The Admin will close all abstracts and nofify all abstracts authors with status and related comments.