General frame for NOPHO pediatric hematology/oncology educational program

  1. The official language is English. 
  2. Participants: all Nordic participants must be members of NOPHO. Maximum number of participants: 30. Three of these are reserved for Baltic participants and up to three will be reserved for participants from other specialties (surgeons, pathologists etc.). Selection of participants will be based on previous participation in one or more of the other courses, educational background, and a first come principle. In addition, applicants not in permanent positions will generally have first priority. 
  3. Four weeks prior to the course educational material will be sent out. The participants are expected to have read and be well acquainted with this material. Prints of overheads and slides will in a standard format be handed out during the course sections. Prior to the course the participants will be divided into groups of 5, and each group will receive a set of patient cases (typical as well as complicated). These must have been read and considered prior to the course. For each case one of the participants will be asked to prepare a short presentation of the issue to be discussed. During the course and after discussions in the group sessions the cases are to be presented and discussed in plenum. Alternatively, a trainee may be asked to prepare a case from his/her own clinic to be discussed in plenum. 
  4. Test: there will be no formal exams. In order to evaluate the level and quality of knowledge acquired prior to and during the course, a multiple choice test will be held at the end of the course. 
  5. Faculty: the faculty will include lecturers from most of the Nordic countries and with a maximum of 2 lecturers from non-Nordic countries. A core faculty consisting of senior pediatric hematologist/oncologist from different Nordic countries will be staying throughout the course to offer supervision of the group sessions and to participate in the plenum discussions. 
  6. Fee: no course fee. Meals are covered. The participants will cover their own travel expenses and accommodation. Participants from the Baltic countries can apply for NOPHO funding for all their expenses (coverage cannot be guaranteed). 
  7. Accommodation: the participants and the faculty will be accommodated at the site of the course. 


November 2015